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Public vs. Admin Views

Public View

The public view, obviously, is what the public sees. Your local webmaster-type should be able to customize it however you want. Minimally, they might change the header to match your institution's header, but really, the can make it look however you want if you bug them enough. If you go to the root of your SubjectsPlus installation (by default something like you will see a listing of the public pages are available "out of the box." I list them here for your delectation:

  • Subject Guide splash page
  • A-Z List of Databases page
  • FAQs splash page
  • Staff Listing page
  • TalkBack page
  • Videos page

Information about customizing the front end may be found at customization 4.0

Admin View

Here's a video to whet your whistle:

Introduction to the Admin Interface

Global Navigation

This is what the navigation bar looks like:

Global nav.png

This is where library staff create the content that is then displayed through the public interface. You will see different tabs depending on what permissions the SubjectsPlus overall administrator has assigned you. The full complement of possible tabs are:

  • SP Logo -- if you click this, it will take you to the SP admin splash page. If you hover over it, you will have options to modify your personal info or logout.
  • Records -- add/modify/delete (maybe) a record. This is a collection of all the records stored in SP, and thus which can be linked back to in a guide.
  • Guides -- add/modify/delete (maybe) a guide -- manage your uploaded files -- check the links in a guide
  • FAQs -- add/modify/delete (maybe) a faq
  • TalkBack -- respond to a user-submitted TalkBack. Modify a response.
  • Videos -- create/modify/delete a collection of videos that are (usually) hosted somewhere else, like YouTube or Vimeo
  • Admin -- secret admin stuff, including managing users and permissions; adding new departments, sources and FAQ collections; configuring the overall site
  • Search -- If you are in one of the tabs, it will autosearch the contents of that tab; otherwise, it will take you to search results across all content.

Splash Page

This page will give you some links to change personal options for SP, quick access to some common functions, change the background of your personal admin interface, and give a list of your recent activity