Installation/Upgrade 4.0

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Fresh Install

Installation Demo

  • Download the files from GitHub -- as of right now they are available at You can either download a zip (look for download button), or use Git to clone to your server.
  • Create a database on your server, note it's name. Also note the name of the MySQL user and their password
  • Check your MySQL user permissions--you will need SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, ALTER, DELETE, CREATE and DROP privileges
  • Point your browser to and follow the instructions

Folder Permissions

For everything to work smoothly, some folders need special permissions which they might not have by default. (The first two probably were OK or else the installer would have conked out.)

/control/includes/config-default.php --- readable by php to make config.php

/control/includes/ --- writable by php to write config.php, css.php, js.php

/subjects/.htaccess --- writable by php to write .htaccess

/api/.htaccess --- writable by php to write .htaccess

/assests/users/ --- writable by php to make new user folders

/assests/cache/ --- writable by php to compile css and js

/assets/images/video_thumbs --- writable by php to add new video thumbnails

Upgrade (from v1 up)


  • Don't overwrite your existing SP folder!
  • Create a fresh database on your server. Copy over your production SQL to this fresh database.
  • Backup your SP database files! Make a copy of your files for migration purposes, too.
  • Make sure your users aren't adding content while you upgrade
  • If you are logged in to SubjectsPlus, log out. Close the browser. If you still have a session live when you try to do the migration, things can get weird.
  • Point your browser to and follow the instructions
  • Update the Admin > Config Site file. (If you want, you could also copy in sections of your old/live SP config.php file to the new one, but make sure you know what you're doing!)
  • Move over the user folders from your old site, i.e., everything under assets/users/ and put them in the same location in sp4
  • Check that your content still looks okay
  • Style your front end. See customization 4.0.
  • There will likely be at least some weirdness if you are coming from a much earlier version. Be brave.
  • Things works differently in v4 than in some earlier versions, so make sure your users are aware of the differences/new ways of doing things