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Welcome to the SubjectsPlus wiki. If you have questions that are unanswered here, or you'd like to write some documentation :) please visit the google group: SP Google Group

SubjectsPlus 4.0

SP4 is live. Long live SP4! Until SP5 comes along.

Note:  The documentation could be better, especially if you want to write some documentation.

We recommend this version over 3.x, because it's more awesome.

Sites Using SubjectsPlus


The information from version 1.0 should still be relevant for translations of SP:

In the News

This is just a place to capture articles/posts that talk about SP/compare it with other applications, etc.

SubjectsPlus 3.0

Version 3.x is out for real: SubjectsPlus on GitHub.

We recommend this version over 2.x, because it's more awesome.

SubjectsPlus 2.0

Version 2.x is pretty rad, but version 3 is radder.