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Welcome to the shiny new SubjectsPlus wiki. Something terrible happened to the old wiki, so we're porting content over here, starting with the v3 stuff. And guess what, we're making good progress on version 4!

SubjectsPlus 4.0

Yup, we're working on this now. The focus for this version is improving the guide creation functionality, which hasn't had much attention recently. Expected: Fall 2015, optimistically September.

SubjectsPlus 3.0

Version 3.x is out for real: SubjectsPlus on GitHub.

Docs etc. will slowly start to appear here, but you can look at the 2.x docs for now....

We recommend this version over 2.x, because it's more awesome.

SubjectsPlus 2.0

Version 2.x is pretty rad, but version 3 is radder.

Sites Using SubjectsPlus


The information from version 1.0 should still be relevant for translations of SP:

In the News

This is just a place to capture articles/posts that talk about SP/compare it with other applications, etc.