Troubleshooting 4.0

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I've found a bug in SubjectsPlus. How do I report it?

The best way is to create an issue on GitHub: If you don't have a GitHub user account, and don't want to create one, you could report the bug to the SP mailing list/google group:!forum/subjectsplus

I need to reset the Admin password

The first, best method is to click on the "forgot my password" link from the login screen. However, if this isn't working for you, you can try resetting the pathword via PHPMyAdmin or your favourite tool for interacting with the MySQL database:

UPDATE staff SET password = md5("YourNewSuperSecurePassword") WHERE email = ''

The WYSIWYG editor box is not showing up!

Perhaps "Base Path for CKEditor" in admin > config site is not set properly. Double check that this looks right. In IIS, the installer might not get the correct path!

When I create a new user, I can't save their headshot!

It's probably a permission issue. The assets/users/ folder must allow the webserver to write to it (in order to create the folder for a new user, and then load the headshot)

When I go to Admin > Config Site, I can't save anything!

Probably PHP doesn't have permission to write to the control/includes/config.php file. Make this file writeable.

I don't like the order of the boxes/pluslets in the Boxes flyout on the back end (guide creator)

You can rearrange these. Go to control/includes/config.php and reorder the $pluslets_activated array

I'm using https to connect to the SP Admin, but it looks vanilla and weird

Try going into config.php and changing your URL to be http/https agnostic, e.g., $BaseURL = "//";