Using the FAQs Tab

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You may use the FAQs tab to add new FAQs to SubjectsPlus.


1. You can quickly create a new FAQ via the dropdown

2. You can see all the FAQs organized by subject. FAQs do not need to have a subject, but if they do, you can drop the FAQ pluslet into a guide

3. Ditto but by collection. Note that the admin sets up collections in Admin > FAQ Collections

4. You can do an autocomplete search to find an FAQ quickly

5. Only 10 FAQs are shown by default (to keep this screen from being crazy). Click see all to . . . see all.

6. Use the pencil to edit a FAQ, use the eye to see the public faq. The FAQ title plus the date and user who last modified it are displayed after the icons.

7. You can click this to create a FAQ

Editing or Creating a FAQ

The file below shows an already created FAQ, but a new one is just the same image with everything empty...


1. You can see what the FAQ looks like on the public site by clicking this

2. Enter the question

3. Enter the answer. You have a WYSIWYG editor to work with, including some SP specific controls on the second row of widgets.

4. Keywords. I'm not sure the default public pages use keywords, but maybe you'd like to implement this?

5. Save and delete FAQs

6. Select a subject (or subjects) from dropdown. No subject required.

7. Select a collection (or collections). No collection required. Note that here (and in 6), you can delete a subject or collection by clicking the X.