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You may use the Record tab to add a new record to SubjectsPlus. This makes that content available throughout SP, so that you can edit once/update everywhere. Additionally, all the records associated with a subject can be used to quickly generate the "All Items by Source" content of a guide.

Video Introduction

Introduction to the Admin Interface

Text Introduction


Above is what you see when you click on the records tab.

  1. Navigate through your list of records using the links at the top
  2. You can also navigate by the tags associated with records. Your SubjectsPlus admin can add or remove tags from this list using Admin > Config Site
  3. Click on the record you want to edit
  4. Or create a new record. You can also create a new record from the Records dropdown

The Record Entry/Update Screen


Okay, wow, let's go through all the numbers:

1. Use the prefix for A/An/The Le/La/Les El/La/Los/Las etc. This will make sure things sort properly, i.e., The New York Times under N instead of T.

2. The proper title of your record.

3. If there's an alternate title, put it here. This will make the record show up in both places in the A-Z List.

4. A default description of your record. Note that if you want to override the description for a given subject, it can be done in #17 below

5. The URL. DON'T include the proxy string--that should be set based on your selection for #8 below. DO include http://

6. This field should only show up if #7 has selected "Print with URL."

7. Options are Web, Print, Print w URL

8. Options are None, Restricted, On-Campus Only, Rest-No Proxy. If you choose "restricted" or "on-campus only" the proxy string will be prepended to the URL. The proxy string is set globally for SubjectsPlus by your admin, at Admin > Config Site. "Rest-No Proxy" will list the resource as restricted, but not put in the proxy. Maybe for a resource where you must make an account?

9. The "A-Z DB List" flag will only show up for someone with the eresource_mgr permission (set by your SP admin). Tick this flag to make your resource show up on your A-Z Databases page.

10. If you want a note to show up (usually for a special situation, like they need to download a client). The note ALWAYS shows in a listing--unlike the Description, which might be hidden by default.

11. If you have a help guide, enter its URL here.

12. Turn on or off these tags to add or remove your item from these taggings.

13. You can have more than one location for a record. Click this button to add another. I.e., if you have a print copy of an item, and a separate online copy.

14. Save button

15. Delete button will only be seen by the eresources_mgr

16. This makes everyone crazy. Set your default source type, and then when you add a new subject it will start with this type. BUT once you have a few subjects listed, it will show the most common ones.

17. You can associate subjects with an item--this will make them appear on the subject groupings on the Database A-Z list. It will also allow you to quickly generate a list of associated subjects inside your guide using the All Items by Source box type in the Guide tab.


Back to the diagram above: Inside this Subjects box, you will see a couple of subjects associated. There is the name, followed by the source type. You can use the little icons to delete the subject association, to modify the source type, and to write a "description override." Basically, the description override will replace the text from the Description field (#4) with whatever you put here, but JUST FOR THAT SUBJECT.

18. If this record is embedded as a token in one of your pluslets/boxes, it will be listed here.

See Using the Guides Tab for more information about embedding records in your guides.