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TalkBack is a public forum for users to make suggestions, comments or complaints (usually complaints) about library services, and then to have a public response posted. A few thoughts about TalkBack:

  • It's meant to be transparent. I'd encourage you to post the good and the bad, and try to see what good can come out of a negative comment. Make some lemonade out of those lemons.
  • Don't just write back to the person who made the comment, post your response publicly if possible. Other people might be wondering the same thing, feeling the same way, etc.
  • Try to mix up who responds to the comments. I think it's useful to show that there are people hidden behind those stacks of books.
  • Try to answer them quickly. If someone posts a comment, they might come looking for a response in a day or two, but it's unlikely they will think to look back a month later.
  • Surface recent talkback responses on your home page. This is the best way to build awareness for the service.

How it Works

A user clicks a talkback link on your site and is taken to a page with comments and responses. There is a talkback box for adding a new comment. When someone fills out this form, it sends an email to the person registered as the administrator. That person can then answer the comment or forward it to an appropriate party. It is also possible to set it up for multiple libraries, with different administrators for each. See below.

Once you log in to the admin, the Talkback splash screen looks like this:


1. Autocomplete search box is the easiest way to find a talkback when you have a lot

2. How many to show at once

3. If you have more than one branch using talkback, you can filter to just the one(s) you want.

4. You can also assign tags to talkbacks, and filter the responses. You can set your own topics in Admin > Config Site

5. Click the pencil to edit a response. If no one has responded, the whole row will be yellow.

6. This is the original question/remark.

7. This is the response, including the date of last edit and the last editor (which is not necessarily the person displaying on the public site).

And when you click the pencil, you will see a response screen, which is pretty straight-forward, but here are some notes:


1. The question. This is editable, in case it needs some light redacting.

2. Who wrote it (according to the submission)

3. Your response. WYSIWYG editor to allow images, links, etc. Can also directly link to catalog items, etc.

4. Save/delete.

5. By default, it will enter the name of the person who is logged in to SubjectsPlus, but you can change this name to write something on behalf of someone else

6. By default, this is set to "No." Remember to change to "Yes" when it's ready. Tip: People often forget to to do this.

7. If you have any site tags, they will appear here.

8. Tick any topics that you want associated with this response.

Multisite Talkback