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Maybe you want to gather all of your library created videos into one place? That was the original idea for the video module. (You could also use the Videos pluslet/box and drop your videos onto a guide.) Note that this just contains metadata about videos and a container to view them in--the videos themselves are assumed to be stored elsewhere.


1. This will only show 10 videos by default; "See All" to see all.

2. The usual tools: Edit metadata with the pencil, eyeball to view the public site. And then the title of the item and the last time it was modified (if known).

3. If you want to try to grab video metadata by username from Youtube or Vimeo

4. If you want to enter the info by hand.

Ingest Videos


Put in the account username and select one of the two current locations (Vimeo or YouTube) and hit submit.


Now you will see a listing of all the videos (actually, there is some max from each provider, perhaps 50?) and you can select the ones you want to use by licking the "Insert Video Metadata" button. Here you see the impossibly cute video of my son jumping around on his first post-crib bed. In case you want to take a break and watch it: [1]


Note that the button is now a link, which will take you to your item. NOTE: At this point, your video is live on your site. Click the link to see the data that has been added.


The information on this screen is pulled in from Youtube/Vimeo. You can edit whatever you want, although it would be foolish to switch from YouTube to Vimeo (for instance) or to change the foreign id . . .

1. Title. Check.

2. Description. Yes.

3. This foreign id is used to generate the embedded youtube/vimeo video. I can't see how changing this would be a good idea.

4. You can add the length if you want.

5. These are some tags. You can set up whatever tags you want in Admin > Config Site

6. The date

7. This will be live by default when you ingest something.

8. The thumbnail that will show up on the page. You can't see it, but there's a link underneath that will allow you to swap in a different thumbnail.

Okay, now you're done!