What's New in 2.0

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  • New installer, updater, configurer
  • Database reorganized, referential integrity imposed!
  • API to ingest data (xml or json) into other applications
  • Upgrade WYSIWYG editor from FCKeditor to CKeditor (don't scoff, it was a big job!)
  • Site configuration available via admin interface
  • New Videos module, for 3rd party video management
  • Talkback -- now has "multi-site" capability
  • Staff table -- more data options, staff-supervisor relationships
  • Optional internal staff map (for disaster planning, say)
  • Alternate title possible for databases/resources
  • Additional guide metadata (description, keywords)
  • Beta integration into Serials Solution's Summon
  • 3 Column guide layout
  • Boxes without titlebars! Tip: give it a title of "notitleNew "
  • New "Lost Password" functionality
  • On upgrade from 1.x, chchchanges table is cleared, so only original insert and last update data retained