What's New in 3.0

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[This page is just gettin' started. We will add to it as we polish up version 3]

Front End

  • New Subject Guide layouts -- 3 adjustable columns, tabs, & repeatable sections allow for more complex layouts
  • New autocomplete searches

Back End

  • New architecture
  • New look'n'feel
  • CKeditor replaces FCKeditor
  • Using PDO for queries
  • Shibboleth

User Profile

  • User can update personal information


  • 3 col layout for wider screens
  • New "Referenced in Pluslets" box, which lets you know where else this record might appear


  • New metadata options:
    • Associations with departments (will allow you to view only, say, special collections guides together)
    • Parent-child associations (will allow display hierarchies)
    • Visibility options: Public, Hidden (not listed on site, but still accessible), and Suppressed (must be logged in to SP to view)
    • Redirect URL (allows you to link to content stored in a document or other system)
  • Tabs
    • Each tab has a visibility option
  • Sections
    • Each tab has as many sections as you'd like
    • Each section can has 1 - 3 columns, sized how you like via slider
  • Boxes/Pluslets
    • Pluslets now have header controls that allow you to hide titlebar/box body/whole box, and to assign different titlebar styles
    • Pluslents unto Pluslets! You can now drop many pluslets into the basic Editable Box, i.e., embed a table of contents or a subject specialist
    • Find in guide allows you to locate needles in your content haystack


  • Can now insert tokens into FAQs


  • Can now insert tokens into TalksBack