What's New in 4.0

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Front End

  • New theme functionality
  • New index page for guides
  • Can use one of your guides as the index page

Back End

  • Completely revised Guide creation
  • New web-based configuration screen (so you can modify the config.php file without accessing the file system)

Admin > Config Site

  • Admin can select fields to show/hide from user form
  • Can decide which fields are required
  • Can set a container width for guides in the back end. E.g., if your front end is set at max width 960px, you can reflect this in the guide creation screen
  • Can decide which pluslet/box types are available to users


Completely revised guide creation backend

  • New Guide Collections (allowing you to group guides together with a separate entry page). E.g., you want all the guides for Music to have a separate listing.
  • New Flyout Bar -- New way of adding content
  • New box types, including WorldCat, Social Media, Google Scholar, New Databases, New Guides, Image card
  • New box types for creating a guide home page, including Guide Search, New Guides, List Guides, Guide Collection
  • New Find Boxes functionality--either browse or search for boxes from other guides and insert into current guide
  • New Custom List flyout--allows you to quickly create lists of resources stored in the Records table
  • New Layouts flyout -- allows you to quickly choose a layout
  • New Tabs flyout -- allows you to reorganize tabs -- when you have a lot :(
  • New Analytics flyout -- allows you to get some information on how many hits your guide has had
  • New My Guides flyout -- allows easier access to your other guides
  • Tabs--Can minimize all tabs on backend (for easier layout viewing)

  • Boxes/Pluslets
    • New flyout on boxes/pluslets that allow you to customize that box
    • New "favourite" functionality, that allows you to star boxes for easy reuse